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 Management services 

  •  Print project management
  •  Plant design & relocation planning 
  •  Move management 
  •  Budget analysis 
  •  Workflow engineering 
  •  Equipment selections
  •  Purchase negotiation
  •  Installation management
Direct marketing is powerful because of its ability to make a sales message more personal, timely and relevant by using data about a customer or prospect. When direct marketing is effective and relevant it stands out from the junk mail that surrounds it and gets noticed.

Research from the Direct Mail Association and other industry organizations proves that direct marketing is a powerful media for reaching customers and prospects - especially when the message contains data that is personally relevant to the target. According to the DMA whitepaper titled Developing Effective Multi Channel Strategies, marketers can expect a five to ten fold increase in response rates for well-designed, personalized direct mailers as compared to traditional static direct mail.

The Digital Printing Council recently conducted a survey and the results showed that tailored direct mail pieces increase response rates by more than 500 percent over a basic, non-personalized piece. Another study on personalization conducted by Cap Ventures found that more than 69% of consumers prefer highly personalized hard copy direct mail to non-personalized direct mail offers, confirming that personalization in direct marketing is worth the investment.

Collecting and tracking personally relevant data about customers and prospects is essential to the success of a personalized direct marketing campaign.

If you are tired of sudo sales executives always handing off your meaningful application questions to someone else (the GURU ?) you will be miles ahead of the game by calling PressGoInc.

Relationship management is one aspect, application management and creative solution development is another, what if you could have both?

When considering a CRM specialist always have them show you the Management information system they use internally to manage there own customer relations, if they can not demonstrate clear solutions you know you are talking to the wrong people.
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