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 Management services 

  •  Print project management
  •  Plant design & relocation planning 
  •  Move management 
  •  Budget analysis 
  •  Workflow engineering 
  •  Equipment selections
  •  Purchase negotiation
  •  Installation management
  1. Printing Sales technical assistance
  2. Printing Broker technical assistance
  3. Variable data and Virtual reality application development
  4. Unique production solutions
  5. Hardware and software engineering
  6. Workflow design
  7. Plant layout space planning
  8. Negotiate with vendors and partners
  9. Equipment design & customization
  10. Technology bridge development to create "killer applications"
Innovative solutions from around the world
PressGoInc. offers extensive technical contacts and partnerships with the best new and used equipment & software solution providers . We offer complete M&A consulting , equipment moving - down size planning ,consolidations, - equipment storage and post auction clean up management .

We determine initial requirements then recommend best of breed hardware and software aligned with project application and budget constraints.

Management assistance  available to assist your existing staff by providing specific areas of technical expertise to quickly accomplish key objectives.

Equipment aquisitionlocating the correct equipment for the right price is only a first step.
Best of breed equipment analysis includes total cost of ownership calculations,
planning the best area for installation to optimize productivity, balancing plan scope to minimize impact on existing plant production environment, logiclly extend existing staff technical capability,link with future equipment additions while not bring production to a halt during these installations.

This task requires empirical knowledge of both equipment and processes.PressGo uses long range what if designs, customized 3D modeling of your specific plant to visualize futures in dynamic cad providing management quick feasibility,cost  and ROI calculations.

Concrete,plumbing,electrical,air systems,ducting and HVAC requirements specific to technical equipment installations are planned and managed by PressGoInc. 


Take a look at our new technical sales service .

Our application specialist help you land high level accounts, perhaps just out of your technical support staffs reach.

Do not let the next big one get away because RFI -RFQ- RFP documentation is to time consuming.

We also provide really powerful powerpoint presentation to tie technical sales presentations together.

Timelines, disaster recovery planning , SLA contract language are all available from PressGoInc.

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NDA complete confidentiality

 All plans and business development information require signed Non disclosure agreement prior to initial meetings.

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